Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a selection of frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers. If you still have queries regarding our project, feel free to contact us. Questions that are particularly inspired may find their way on to this page.

What is Ægis Quest?
Ægis Quest (AQ) a game. Actually, it's rather like a gameshow. Every "season" we take a num ber of small groups (3 people) who take it in turns to navigate one of their team through a dungeon. The task is made more difficult by the fact that the person being guided (known as the 'quester') is blind - and unable to see where they are. Each attempt is recorded and released on this website.

How do I play?
Ægis Quest isn't a game that you can just download and play. It's a game that we record as you play and make your attempt available on the web. Rather like a cross between a computer game and a TV show.

What's the point?
Simply to provide entertainment. To those taking part in trying to beat the dungeon, and those watching you, waiting to see whether you'll beat it or not.

Is it hard?
It's challenging. There is little entertainment in seeing groups fail at the first room, and little interesting if every group wins. You can expect to get a little way in to the dungeon, but very few teams will get all the way to the end.

How do I take part?
We are not presently looking for anyone to take part, as we are some way away from being able to make a first season. When the time comes, we will make it known via our website.

Are there any restrictions on who may take part?
Each member of your team must be in a geographically distinct location. All communication must take place with the tools available.
Team members must also be 13 years or older at this time.

How many people may I have in a team?
Teams consist of three people, which includes one quester.

What restrictions are placed on gameplay?
The quester is unable to see his or her surroundings. They must be navigated around by their team members.

What happens if I am caught cheating?
We consider you to be cheating if we feel you have an advantage that other teams do not, or if you are found to not be acting within the spirit of the game. Such teams will be disqualified or penalised depending on the severity of the situation.

What do I get for taking part?
Winning teams may be invited to take part in behind-the-scenes work on the present series (if appropriate).
What's that weird "Æ" character?
It's known as an Ash. It's pronounced 'ee' as in shEEp or sEEn. Often, the ash is represented as an "A" and "E" so you will often see "Ægis Quest" written as "Aegis Quest".
How do you pronounce "Aegis"?
The 'g' is soft and is pronounced more like a j. Thus, the word is pronounced "Ee-jiss".

Wasn't this thing previously called "KMV"?
KMV was the working title of the project, which is now named Aegis Quest.

Why was it named "KMV"?
Well, we don't want to give anything away. But here's a hint....
There are three lines required to draw the letter "K", and three lines required to draw the letter "M".
We'll leave it to you to work the rest out.